Adventure Awaits

On Friday, I leave for Canada.

That is to say, I leave for Canada by way of Portland and San Francisco and whatever that small area is they filmed Twin Peaks in. I have a lot of anxiety around the trip – mostly around the snow. The last time I drove in a snowy climate, it’s when I lived in New York. One time I drove 7 hours straight through a blizzard with no mishaps, and only weeks after that I ended up driving 3 hours in a blizzard. I love bad weather. But when that happened, I was driving stick.

I love spontaneity. I love just going with things. I think it’s incredibly necessary to creative momentum to get outside of one’s normal life. To expand what one’s normal life means. Trips like this are difficult, they require a precise amount of planning with a lot of buffer for spontaneity.

We have a guideline, I just sit here three days before we depart, working out the details of what could go wrong so that I can be a little more free when it comes time to drive.

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