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EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE                        Janet/AU Satan                 HFF17: Ryan Siebrasse, Dir.
OUR TOWN                                                Mrs. Gibbs                             OCC: Kelly Herman, Dir.
THE GOOD PERSON OF SEZUAN           First God                                OCC: Tom Bruno, Dir.
PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE  Logainne Schwartzandgrubennierre  OCC: Naomi Buckley, Dir.
MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM              Petra Quince                        OCC: Tom Bruno, Dir.
ANDROCLES AND THE LION                  Androcles                              OCC: Tom Bruno, Dir.
MONSTER BATTALLION: TO THE RESCUE         Milton (lead)          OCC: Rick Golson, Dir.
YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU             Mrs. Kirby                              OCC: Tom Bruno, Dir.
ALL IN THE TIMING                                Betty                                       OCC: Danny Nguyen, Dir.
BOOTSIE AND THE XMAS PIRATES      Bootsie & Singing Soloist  OCC: Rick Golson, Dir.
ADIRONDACK FAIR: COMMEDIA          Columbina (lead)                Parker Pub. & Ent.
AN ADVENTUROUS EVENING                Babette (supporting)           Rene Jones, Dir.
SEGMENTS FROM “PETER PAN”           Peter Pan                              Historic Events
INTO THE WOODS                                    The Witch                              ILC Master Theatre


A SOLDIER’S CHOICE                     Helen Walker                       August Rice, Dir.
DIRTY GIRL                                      Sabrina (extra)                     Abe Sylvia, Dir.
BUT I NEED THEM                         Ghost Girl                              Luke Sargent, Dir.
GUILTY OF LOVING YOU              Woman                                  Luke Sargent, Dir.
HICCUP                                            Narrator                                 Cody Sarvis, Dir.
SELF PORTRAIT                             Lily/Kerry                               Chessie Reiss, Dir.
ZOMBIE TIME                                 Barbara                                 Greg Vandervelde, Dir.


CLOCKWORK POPPETS                          Vanessa, addtl. voices        RAR! Creations


THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE                         Peers (Episode 1)    America CrimeCast Productions
TALES OF PASSING FANTASY (anth)     Repertory Actor               Tiny Continent Productions
TIMM THE VAMPIRE (serial)                  Elizabeth (featured)            RAR! Creations
EYE FOR AN EYE (serial)                          Kryda (lead)                          Misfits Audio
GAIA’S VOYAGES (serial)                          Vixen, Squijert (supp.)        BrokenSea Productions


DARK ANGEL (in production)                                 Sound Recordist, Editor, Camera Operator
TALES OF PASSING FANTASY                                               Producer, Sound Engineer, Writer
SEED OF DARKNESS (sizzle reel: Lawrence Riggins)       Editor
ANDROCLES AND THE LION                                                 Original Music
PHOENIX RISING (MindThrive music video)                     Body Painting
THE DRAGON PLAY (Chance Theatre)                                  Henna
13 ANGELS STAND GUARD AROUND YOUR BED                Costuming
NIGHT OWL THEATRE COLLECTIVE                                     Artistic Director
– ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT DREARY                                     Playwright, Director
OCC REPERTORY                                                                         Artistic Director
– IN YOUR DREAMS (1-Act Festival)                                        Director, Playwright, Lyricist, Sound Design
– PERCY THE DRAGON (10 Or Less)                                         Director, Sound Design
– AS YOU WISH (10 Or Less)                                                      Playwright
– LOVE TAKES FLIGHT (24 Hour Festival)                               Playwright
– WORDS, WORDS, WORDS (All in the Timing)                      Director, Sound Design
– DAMSEL IN DISTRESS (10 or Less)                                         Playwright
CLOCKWORK POPPETS AND THE BOOK OF INFAMY (local tv)            Director, Writer, Editor, Set Design
HICCUP (short film)                                                                      Editor
NO CONNECTIVITY (short film: 100 hr film race)                  Director, Editor, Special Effects
TIMM THE VAMPIRE  (audio serial)                                          Director/Editor, Co-writer
EYE FOR AN EYE (audio serial)                                                   Director/Editor, Writer
ACT IT! SEASONS 1-3 (acting competition)                                Judge, Mixer, Writer
SING IT! SEASONS 6-8 (singing competition)                            Judge, Mixer


PRIVATE SINGING LESSONS                  Bel Canto, Musical Th.       Jennylyn Chung, Damien Lorton, Beth Syverson
FANCY HOBO IMPROV                             Short & Musical Improv      Tony Torrico
OCC CHAMBER SINGERS                       Advanced Choir                   Eliza Rubenstein
OCC VOICE WORKSHOPS                      Classical, Musical Th.         Dr. Susan Ali, Beth Hansen
OCC ACTING                                               Stage Acting                         Tom Bruno, Phyllis Gitlin
OCC REPERTORY                                     Everything Theatre              Rick Golson, Cynthia Corley, David Scaglione
VOICE ACTING                                         Dub, Character, Commercial     Tony Oliver, Bill Holmes
THE ACTOR’S BOOT CAMP I & 2            Fundamentals, Film            The Acting Corps: Burbank


Singing (D3-A5), Improv, Character Voices, Accents (British RP, Irish, French), Stage Combat, Juggling, Clarinet, Ukulele