Bubbles Brewing

Last night I had my first true rehearsal for the Magic School Bus parody due to my schedule conflicts and the fact that my character is only in parts of the show. It also happened to be the first rehearsal where we had the full cast, which was super exciting to meet the 3 people who hadn’t been cast when we had our read-through. We worked through a couple of the songs and I got to work on my solo. I love this cast – they’re all really funny and good to work with.

Meanwhile, I’m prepping sound for the live show of Tales of Passing Fantasy and editing together the lines I’ve received for the next episode. It’s a lot of work and I’m juggling working party gigs in addition to my actual job now as well, not to mention sending angry letters to congress because who doesn’t do that now?

I’m really excited to have these shows to work on, because without them, without something good to create, I’d probably be going crazy with the world in the state it is in.

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