Tales of Passing Fantasy

So I’ve been all out of sorts the last few weeks trying to juggle work, ren faire, the play I’m in, the movie we’re shooting, and starting a new podcast.

But most of all, I’m proud to present, finally, Episode 1 of Tales of Passing Fantasy. So far, all the reviews we’ve gotten back from our listeners have been overwhelmingly positive. Also, time to humble-brag, I guess – but I did almost all the editing for the show in about 3-4 days, with maybe 2-3 hrs on the first few days and 8 on the last. So I’m pretty proud of that. Like a lot. I love the look of pure awe on my co-creators faces when they think about that. It’s something special.

I used to edit together skits for an acting competition I ran with my friend Dylan Collins in 2009, and it really trained me how to work quickly. We had to get work out on a weekly basis – or at least, that’s how Dylan wanted it – with much contention between the both of us. He’s passed now, from cancer, but I’m really thankful for him for stuff like this – the audio drama world has been such a huge part of my life due to him and another friend, Rene Christine Jones, who I still rely on for friendship and conspiring. Working with both of them on different projects changed my life. Like, legitimately – I wouldn’t have the friends I have today or the confidence I have today without the two of them. They’re probably the two most influential people of my adult life. My entire trajectory changed because of them.

So thanks, guys. I dedicate this first episode to you.


You can also find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.

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