A Week of Inspiration

It’s been a pretty swell couple of days. Last night we had Day 1 of recording for Tales of Passing Fantasy, covering the voices for the Long Play and bits and pieces of the rest of it. That morning, I’d edited together a dialogue-free piece called “Reverse Entropy” that will be in the episode and I was pretty jazzed about it – Talon and the rest listened to it too and were pretty pleased. After recording was done, I zoomed off to LA to celebrate Rachelle’s birthday with karaoke at Sardo’s. We went a couple of weeks ago and the KJ really loved us. This time, no less. “I love you guys, I love you guys” he said over and over. There was another group, these two girls – one came over to us “Okay, what is it, show choir, theatre, what are you?” Apparently she used to be in show choir and she could smell the music nerd on all of us. Obviously we’re friends now.

I came home and edited together a draft of a promo for Tales. We really want something we can show people and get people hyped about the show with other than our word that it’s gonna be great. I mean, the episode is gonna be out in 12 days but momentum is always important. After too long of a hiatus from the audio world, this is exactly what I needed to get back into it. And I am stoked beyond reason.

You can tell, because it’s almost 6am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet. All week I’ve had insomnia from too much inspiration.

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